A just recovery
for Simcoe County

Solutions for a Simcoe County that is fair, sustainable, and resilient.

Invest in People

Create conditions to generate and support local, sustainable, secure jobs.

Invest in Nature

Recognize the role that ecosystems play in supporting our long term health.

Invest in Communities

Seek and facilitate community engagement.

Invest in People

Prioritize the health and wellbeing of people, ensuring that government, whether municipal, provincial, or federal, acts on behalf of the public interest. 

Government needs to re-establish its role as guarantor of the public interest. This means advancing the interests to benefit the public good when dealing with private interests, and actively promoting transparency and accountability in all decision making.

Invest in Nature

Nature provides the foundation for all that we do.

Ensuring there is a balance in our relationship with nature, that we don’t use more than can be replenished, means that our communities, our economy, our society, can be sustained into the future. 

Investing in a healthy environment is leaving a legacy we can be proud of for future generations.

Invest in Communities

Our communities are where we find meaning and a sense of self in relation to others and the world around us.

Fostering a sense of community helps to weave threads of connection between individuals, drawing out points of commonality, as well as enabling recognition and understanding of the ways in which we are unique, along with the skills, insights, and experiences we are able to offer.


Our posts include press releases and media statements, as well as in-depth explorations of the recommendations made under each of the principles in detail. These will continue to be updated over time, so make sure to check back!

Adam Ballah

Supporting Entrepreneurs

If Amazon is hollowing out local business, it is, at least in part, due to the convenience that comes from not having to get in the car and go through the rigamarole of having to drive as the means of accessing the goods. The appeal of Amazon’s model, their flagship service, if you will, is being able to deliver a purchase right to the home, at no additional cost, often within a day or two.

By creating spaces where consumers encounter possibilities to purchase goods and services they may need or want in the natural course of their day, you are enhancing the potential for local trade to occur. This is precisely what walkable neighbourhoods help do.

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